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Notice how the date is under Hannie's Shou's Mao's birthday? ~ <3 ;D

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♥ミ.1o8 ↘「Haaaaaaaay guys. Guess who's back!」ღ

I am back again!!

I probably won't be on LJ that much, but I'm definitely going to be using LJ again. :)

How do you guys like the new name and layout? :D I'm going to be starting up a comm with my browaifukuma in the summer!

I noticed that a lot of my friends have quit LJ already, but I hope that the ones who are still active on my f-list will remain active and keep in touch with me.

Anyway, this is just my "I'm definitely coming back for sure" post.

I've missed you guys and I've missed writing like this. You sure don't get a diary like this on Tumblr, haha.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ DESU FOR ALL OF YOU~

♥ミ.1o6 ↘「HAPPY BIRTHDAY~」ღ

 IT'S MY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to say I'm back, but I haven't decided completely. I've been really busy and really tired and really stressed lately. >< I know I haven't been very good my f-list but I'll definitely work harder on it! Anyway I was happy because even though shit happened with some of my friends, in the end I had really good friends by my side. I'm so thankful for that. IRL and online. ♡ You guys are all wonderful people. Thank you for being with me the whole way through. Many of you guys still talk to me on Twitter and I'm so thankful for that. I love you guys so much. ♡ Thanks for everything.

I'll keep updating as much as I can and keep up with you guys as best as possible! :D You know how to reach me otherwise though~!!


♥ミ.o97 ↘ マオにゃん! お誕生日 おめでとう! ღ

Nuff said.
Especially since I gave him a whole post thing in my Ameblo. ♥
Plus I waited in 3 of his Aha-n rooms for 3 hours and he didn't show. *sobsobsob* LOL.

Watching V-ROCK Festival with mikamoui and ViViD's performance was, so far, one of my favorites. I've really grown to like ViViD. Right now is SuG and ViViD's interview. I really like them too. :3 Waiting for alice nine., Plastic Tree, and Angelo. The bands so far have been very good. I like this so much.

Because I'm trying to make myself not insecure, I will disable comments. As there's nothing interesting about this post. Oddly enough, being insecure, I like comments. Wtf. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Also, I couldn't enjoy V-ROCK Festival too much because Oniichan and I got in a misunderstanding/fight. When he came back, hearing his voice made me want to cry. I still want to cry. I don't know what happened because his internet died so... I guess we're at a standstill. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I think Moui's been very sweet about it. Glad to have her here.

Sorry, Nyan, for spamming your birthday post with my emo-ness. You are a beautiful man.

And because I love you so much, as I also love Shou, I give you a public post... as Shou also got one. X3

お誕生日 おめでとう! マオにゃん・・・ おめでとう! 大好きですね~!

♥ミ.o82 ↘ 将さん、お誕生日 おめでとう!ღ

Happy birthday, Shou! You're so full of ghei, I love it!
将さん、いいえ。 将さま、お誕生日 おめでとう! ほんとう おめでとう。 今、将さまは 二十九歳ですね。 将さまは お年寄り人ですか。 笑、じょうだんですよ。 あのう、将さまが とても大好き。 だから、おめでとう。 がんばってね。 将さまは とてもやさしいでしょう。 そして、とてもおもしろい。 笑。 よろしく おねがいします、ね。 とにかく、将さまの こえは ほんとう きれいですよ。 将さまの こえは ちゅういする。 きやくにやますね。 だから… 私も うれしいですよ。 将さまも うれしいですか。 そして、アメバの ピッグは 将さまが 見たいよ。 も、将さまと はなしたい。 がんばってね! がんばります。 近いうちにお会いしたいと思いますね。 がんばって~! じゃあね。 敬具、私。
Shou gif from: jimaka 

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Anyway... Hey guyz. I need some help. So I was thinking that as a nice gift... everyone could pitch in at least $1 so I can get a new username. XD LOL. One of my flist suggested I do that for birthday or Christmas, and told me she'd be willing to help out. (Although I don't know if she still has time to do so anymore.) But yeah... so it's between 2 users (I've already created them so no one can take them just in case) - starxdrops and sandofstars. I think I'm more leaning towards starxdrops, but I don't know. (stardrops was already taken. Wtf.) Both usernames are from alice nine.'s "Gekkou Yoku (Moonlight Bath)" song, and so I was inspired haha. I wanted something like mappinyan, but I realized most people would read it as "mappin yan". So that kind of failed. And then I was thinking of maoppi/maopi as in Mappi+Mao, but I'm not Mao. And I wanted something that wasn't really a noun like Natalie's user, more like Sabrina's user. And so I was looking at SID's "Garden of Ruin", "Circus", "Milk", and "Hanabira" songs for ideas. But the most I could come up with was "sugarromance" but it looked weird. So I was like wtf. I wanted something for my SID fandom since I already have "shoulita", but I guess that ain't happening. MAO! WRITE SONGS THAT I CAN MAKE USERNAMES OUT OF. LOL. So anyway... I'd put in a poll but I have to do this rich text style cuz LJ keeps screwing up. What're your ideas? Since I can't make a poll, just comment and tell me which one you think I should change xxkrissykoo too. I kind of don't want to let go of this username since I've had it since 2004/2005, but... I WANT SOMETHING COOL AND FANDOM. LOLOLOL. CUZ IT'S SEXY LIKE THAT.

And just saying right now, even though this post is supposed to be about Shou and my whole serious bit... Mao-san, I hope that you will feel better soon. Your posts make me kind of sad. I know these thoughts may never reach you, but I hope one day I will meet you and will be able to. Whether I randomly see you on Pigg, or in real life. Please be safe and take care of yourself! You have millions of fans that love you. So please don't write such sad posts. ; ; They make me sad too. 'Kay? Ganbarimasu, ne!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE TO: photograficnerd and crescendo_6_9! (: I hope you guys have an awesome birthday and Reanna, sorry if my letter comes late. D:
Any of you want to swap addresses? :D I know Reanna/crescendo_6_9 does that with her flist. ^^ Also, any of you have Ameba? (:

Anyway Shou... you are a sexy sexy man with a very sexy sexy voice. And I even made you a public post. Stay sexy and make sure to take care of yourself~! (: Good luck with Hana & alice nine.'s next full album. I'll be waiting for you in your Pigg room! ;D I hope I'll get to talk to you and see you there. (I'm actually currently waiting to get into your room... haha.) Yes. So stay healthy, all right? I hope these thoughts reach you soon, and I think they will if my mom gives me internet at home and I can stay up all day and night waiting for you in your room. LOL. (That sounds so sexy. Cuz it is.) But you know, I may leave for a bit to harrass people and make candies. LOLOLOL. K. Also I apologize to you that I now must change my intro post of my LJ to Mao's birthday. It has now hit your birthday and well... since I did it to Hannie, it's only fair I do it to you, too. But it's okay~ once Mao's birthday passes it will return to Hangeng's and then back to yours in a never-ending cycle. Isn't that fun? XD Anyway, Shouuuu-baby: Ganbatte, ne!

K guyz. This was really a serious post. For realz. But um... yeah. Haha. I spent a lot of time thinking over and writing it. So I hope you guys will give me the time of day to read it too. Ganbatte. Fighting~ everyone. I hope that if this post changes your mind about me, it will do so in a better light. Fighting~~!

P.S. To friends that don't have an LJ account reading this, you can still comment anonymously (though you can tell me who you are) and give me your insights on this because it is a public post.

Something on my mind...

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
Guys~ click on them! They're almost full grown. (except for the green egg). But yeah I need clicks or else they won't grow into adult dragons and die. ;__;

But that was not the point of this post.


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So now I gotta go cuz I just finished doing my powerpoint presentation on Google Docs and my mom's getting all annoying. LOL.


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
^ Click them plz. :D I need more clicks so they'll hatch. ;-;

Anyway... onto my main point...


Lol. Just kidding. That's not the real message...

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I would totally put in a Nao emoticon at this moment, but I only know how to copy and paste them and I'm currently too lazy to do so. (_ _") Lulz.

But yeah. I'm very happy about what I said in my cut. <3 I love that baby as if he were my own.



Anyway though... yeah.

Oh and I wanted to say sorry to the following users:
thereisdiscord - Sorry for not responding. I'm kind of... out right now. LOL. I haven't been able to talk to many people. D: No net and no computer. But hopefully when my dad comes back he'll get me a new comp and the net so we can chat again!! ^^
chinatown - DDD: SORRY ABOUT THE CHRISTMAS CARD. I got your card but... haven't been able to send anything back. = =;; I have a lack of stamps. Funny how close we are together tho. I mean, living wise and all. LOL.
conflate - I really wanted to talk to you a lot more, but I have, unfortunately, been unable to since I've got no computer and no internet. I really hope that we do get the chance to talk much more when I get it back though. I always enjoy spazzing about Suju with you~! :3
hi_ya_ya - JUNSU SECRETLY LIKES PINK! XDD Sorry about not sending you a Christmas card in return. I really wanted to send you a cute Asian one from one of the Asian stores nearby. ): Can I send a letter instead? Again, like with chinatown, lack of stamps keeps me from doing much. = =;;
moth5dream - LOL. I'm so sure you know why I'm sorry. xD;; The whole poster fiasco. I will send your letter first of everyone. LOL.
veiledstar - Omg I miss talking to you! Sorry I've been kind of gone. Whatever time I get online, I mostly spend lurking. LOL. But if my net does get restored, I will make it a point to talk to you first. :3 I think you were like, one of my first really good LJ friends. ^^ So yeah, of course~!
guccha - Guh. Sorry my journal's kind of dead which lead to friend cut and etc. xD;; Again, if I get my net back I will totally and definitely comment on as many entries of yours as I can. Your opinions of music and politics and all that stuff make me really think and I think you really influence me. (In a good way of course. :D) So I hope that we'll be able to get closer during this year~! ^^
exeunt - You are epic awesome. With all your bags and laptop-breaking and everything. ^^ I'm so glad you commented on the one post that kind of told the people of LJ that, hello, I'm still here. :) I'm glad we've been talking much more and I'm sorry I haven't been on as often as I should have. I hope you can forgive me~~!
furorpoeticus - Dude. I'm just sorry my dad has my phone and we haven't been able to text. D: I miss you too. Hopefully I'll be able to get it back and let's try to make it a point to call during the weekends when we can stay up late (and you, especially late with the 3 hr time difference xD).
chullie_cherry / gackt_tytta - Thank you for that ginormous j-rock download place. You are awesome. And I really miss talking to you. I'm sorry I haven't been on much, but I hope that when my dad restores my internet we can talk much more. You got me into lots of epic stuff (including U-KISS :D) and I really hope we can become tons closer soon~! ^^
rekkoi - I am tons sorry for not being on. And yet you manage to keep commenting me and stuff and I have lots of fun talking to you. Again, as with my other LJ friends, I really hope that we can become much closer this year. I totally enjoy talking to you and your blogcrews are epic cute. :3 Hehe. I hope this year will bring you lots of good fortune since I remember some of your past entries were a little worrisome. >< I hope things get tons better for you~~! ^w^
 And to all my other LJ friends, sorry I haven't been on and haven't been able to find time to comment you guys. The computer I'm on now is really laggy and stuff. >< It's not fun at all. If I didn't mention you, it doesn't mean I forgot you! But I tried to address the people that I talk to the most first. (At least I hope I talk to them a lot. Kekekekekeke.) But yeah. And if you felt like we haven't been talking much, please don't worry! I'm going to try really hard to get my internet back so we can talk all the time! ^___^




So on Tuesday I went to get a haircut at this epic Japanese place. And I was gonna get blonde and pink highlights but that would've taken a really long time. So for now I just got my epic Shou-Ruki-Miku-inspired haircut. The haircut itself is inspired by Shou (and Hitori too actually), the bangs are supposed to be similar to Miku, and the side bangs/side layers are like Ruki's. Sexy no?? :3 It's so badass. But hard to style. At least for me. Especially if I'm late.

You guys likeeee? :D

The first (ew I look fat. That's an awkward picture. I am actually not as fat. LOL.) is when it was down. But my hair kinda fell down. Or like, lost it's shape a little cuz I was squishing my head against the headrest in my dad's car. The second is my epic anime-style hair when it's tied back. (That's me in my dad's shirt. I was getting ready for bed.) Natalie thinks it's super epic. She loves the second one. :) Awesome no?

And you can see my Jonas Brothers pink wall behind me. (And my regular wall of other people.) LOL.


Sorry for being dead. Finals and whatnot coming up. And SAT. But good news. Since my old computer died like a month and a half ago (or was it longer than that?) my dad's getting me a new Dell desktop. And he said that when it comes in I might get my net back. <3


The sky is breaking down.

Okay, laa~ so today we did some stuff in school and blah blah blah and I had to take a K'SSN picture for my Jap project. (I also have an English project but I really don't want to do it. So hah! XD)

Here's the picture of us:

It's Natto, Sam, Sabs, and me. It's pretty much K'SSN, but backwards. xD

So yeah. That's us. In all of our awesomeness. After school. You can see me wear 'Geng's necklace but it's like, in between my boobs. HAHAHAHA.

Okay, anyway, I was gonna talk about school but... who cares about that? (And the fact that I pissed my dad off last night. D: But whatever. Let's not discuss that.)

So... one of my LJ friends wrote this bash post about Leeteuk. I wasn't offended or anything, merely accepting her opinion, but geez is he really like that? (Someone w/o bias please tell me because I honestly cannot tell.)

Collapse )

D: I don't like it a bit.

But... you know what? Forget about it because the mean people like that who just enjoy bashing Henry and Zhoumi, they can just go to hell, I think, because Super Junior is supposed to be one big family including Henry and Zhoumi. I mean, don't those Only13 bashers ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, all this fighting and anger towards Henry & Zhoumi are making Super Junior sad? Do they even care about that?

No. I don't think they do if the hate's been lasting so long. Like on that Soompi thread.

Who're the real fans now?